Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why Some Men Will Never Have It Good

So I don't know if everyone has heard the scuttlebutt about this silly politician in Texas. His stupidity has made it round a lot of writers loops, but I couldn't resist posting about the idiot. Now, I want to be upfront in saying - this is NOT about politics. I don't ever, EVER discuss politics except with very close friends and family. And I also want to say that I pretty much think all politicians are liars and thieves. Normally, I stay out of the fray entirely, but this time a politician attacked me personally because he called his opponent (a published romance author) a writer of porn.

Check out what the idiot has on his website.

Can someone please tell me why in the world this porn opinion still exists? I simply don't get it. And although I said it wasn't about party, I am a little suprised that this is coming from a Democrat. A devoutly religious Republican, I could have understood a little better, although both still would have been WRONG and STUPID.

So I guess Fred Head's opinion is that woman shouldn't enjoy sex because it's pornographic? Or maybe we just shouldn't talk or write about enjoying sex because it's pornographic?

Maybe the real problem is that women who've been with Fred have never enjoyed it therefore he doesn't want them to find out what they're missing.

And that my friends, is why some men will never, EVER have it good. Not from a woman, anyway.


Tori Lennox said...

The man is a complete and utter moron. No doubt he doesn't read books either, otherwise his remark about her ego being insatiable because her name is on every other page of her book. *rolling eyes* Hello? EVERY freakin' book in the universe is like that, dimwit. Ahem. I don't usually like to talk politics either, but I sincerely hope she trounces him royally in the election.

Jana DeLeon said...

Yeah, Tori, I had a good laugh over the name/page thing myself. A friend of mine emailed to ridicule me about my insatiable ego since I had my name on every page of Rumble. :)

Tori Lennox said...

You shameless hussy! *g*

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