Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Posting Bail

If anyone out there knows how to post bail, I'd appreciate an email. You see, I'm afraid that one day I'm going to need the knowledge to bail out certain members of my family. Read this email I received from a reader and you'll understand why - and probably have a good laugh:

"I just wanted to let you know how much I liked your book. I was a Wal Mart one day looking for a new book and a man walked up and ask me what kind of books I liked to read, then he started telling me his daughter just wrote her first book and showed me where it was and gave me a bookmark, I would have never even picked it up because of the cover(I don't know why but I wouldn't have] anyway please tell him thank you . I really look forward to another book from you. "

So I guess you've gotten the gist of it - my dad has been out hardselling my book in the local (and sometimes unlocal) Walmarts. He's also done it at B&N and he's not alone. My husband and brother have done the same thing.

Not that I'm complaining - heck they're gaining me readers and people who even like the book enough to write and tell me about it (and thank my dad, no less). But one of these days, I'm certain one of them will talk to the wrong woman and she's going to file a harassment charge.

That's where the posting bail part comes in.


lainey bancroft said...

Finally! I finally have a copy of Rumble, came in the mail this morning. And after all this searching and waiting, it better be good lady!
Joking...really I am. Don't press harassment charges, I'm afraid my family wouldn't bail me out. On the flip side of that...I could use a break from the kids...never mind.

Just thought I'd mention it to you so you could mention it to TPTB. Tiny-town Ontario is either really behind, or out of the distribution loop, cuz Rumble just wasn't on the shelves. Even at our BIG NEW WALMART!
But I got it from Chapters/Indigo online! So its all good.
Guess what I'm doing this afternoon??? :P

Tori Lennox said...

I think it's cool that you get that kind of support from your family. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

lainey - I'm so sorry you had trouble finding Rumble. Maybe Canada is just not down with the whole southern thing. :) If it makes you feel any better, bunch of stores are sold out here so people are either waiting or ordering.

Tori - yes, it is cool. Hey, one reader at a time is how a royalty check is made. :)

Jaye Wells said...

I love that your sales team is all male.

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL, Jaye - yes the men seem to be more "up front" about it. My female friends are more like stealth commandos. They visit bookstores around the country and move my books for better placement. :)

Kimber An said...

Go, Dad! I also dislike so many of the covers out there nowadays. The cover on your book is very good, though. Now, I just have to go out and buy it and read it. Will report back when I do! Congratulations, by the way!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, kimber! I hope you enjoy and please report back. I'm still waiting for someone to figure out who-dun-it before the end. :)

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