Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Bad Behavoir

So I've been blogging recently about bad behavoir and lack of manners among general society. With my travels I see more of it than I'd like to, but it's also been interesting in its own frustrating (and sometimes disgusting) sort of way. The topic this time however, is not my choosing, but it is definitely one of my pet peeves. Actually, my husband asked me to blog on this topic of bad behavoir - probably in the hopes that it would be corrected by society and he'd be able to go forth in peace from now on. :) Yeah, right. Anyway the rule he'd like everyone to follow is:

Don't blow your nose at the dinner table.

I have to agree - this is gross. Especially in a restaurant, especially when it's people you don't know. Maybe you can stomach it if it's your husband or kids, but c'mon, people, this is really bad manners.

So when I bring up this subject, I always have someone get indignant (probably a table-blower) and ask "so what am I supposed to do, go to the bathroom just to blow my nose?" My answer - "yes, that's exactly what you're supposed to do." Some people seem to think the idea is ludicris and a waste of time. My question to them is - would you break wind at the dinner table too? Of course, I have some family that considers this act a tribute to the cook that the food was delicious, but that's a whole other issue and one I promise I won't be featuring in any of my books!

Obviously, most decent people are apalled at the thought, but what's the difference? In reality, gas diassaptes and is gone. Blow your nose and a snotty rag/napkin is then sitting on tablecloth along with your dinner and everyone else's - carrying god knows what germs.

I don't want to see/hear anyone blow their nose while I'm eating any more than I want to see a man rearrange himself or anyone scratch their butt.

Allergy season is among us - let's take those drippy noses to the bathroom.



lainey bancroft said...

Hey Jana,
I posted here a while back, but I've been big time out of the loop.
Just wanted to shout out a big CONGRATS on your book, The cover is adorable,and I'm hearing good things about your reviews, can't wait to read it.

YES, table nose-blowing is a total ick! Add this to the list too, In my far off past I was a breakfast waitress in a busy diner, do you have any idea how many men cut their fingernails while they schlup up coffee and eggs? What the...Personal hygiene chores are meant to be carried out...well, personally, not in public where people are eating :-0

Andrew said...

That sounds like a simple principle -- keep the personal hygiene behind closed doors. Hard to say if it'll catch on with everyone though.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Jaye Wells said...

Oh man. I reall yshould have read this over breakfast. However, I applaud you taking a stand against this societal ill. ;)

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Lainey - thanks for visiting again and for the congrats. I hope you enjoy Rumble as much as the reviewers have! Cutting fingernails???? Double gross - can't say I've noticed that one but it would ick me out too.

Andrew - I agree - it's simple. But then, why do so many people fail to understand basic manners? BTW, your blog looks fascinating and I've flagged it for more reading. I'm so happy that you told that person the guy isn't the problem. I've been using the "water seeks its own level" argument for years but people don't seem to want to hear it.

Hi Jaye - what happened to you over breakfast? Did someone blow?

Colleen Gleason said...


Lainey's comment reminds me of when we moved into our house ten years ago...we bought it from an older couple (they were in their sixties, probably) and when I began to go through the drawers in the master bathroom to clean them, I found...a pile of yellow, brittle, curling fingernails.

I was 9 months pregnant and almost lost my cookies right there.

Kelly Parra said...

I agree! No nose-blowing at the table, please! Boogers give me the chills. LOL!

Jaye Wells said...

Dang it. I meant I shouldn't have read it over breakfast.

Jana DeLeon said...

Colleen - that is so gross I don't even know what to say!

Kelly - Way gross!

Jaye - Too funny!

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