Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Winter Heat Wave

Well, it's winter in Texas (finally) and I can't help posting another round in the "pet peeve" catagory. I'll call this one - Can You Count to 100?

Here's the problem. Texas is hot. This summer was miserably hot - hotter than it's been in forever, at least for that many days straight. So everywhere you went people had air conditioners whining in protest 24/7 just to keep the space they were cooling somewhere in the mid to low 70's. Still everyone complained about the heat. "I just can't get cool" "I can't wait for winter." blah blah blah

So we finally get a decent cold front and for the first since March, the temperature in Texas drops below frying an egg on the sidewalk range. You'd think people would be happy. You'd think they'd be dancing in the streets. But nooooooooooo, here in Texas everyone has cranked up their HEAT!

Now, I ask you, does it make any sense whatsoever that the same people who were burning up when their houses were 73 degrees are now freezing unless they have the heat up to 80????? The temperature is the temperature, people (with allowances for humidity, of course) but essentially, your thermostat doesn't know whether it's winter or summer - it's merely reporting the degree at which your house is resting.

At a writer's workshop on Saturday I was about to waste away from the heat in the hotel conference room. I told my cp (and the coordinator for the event) that I was burning up and if she didn't get it cooler in the room, I was getting naked. She looked at me and said, "Are you sure, because I've seen you sort of naked...." To which I replied "Then why are you still standing here?"

So pack away your muscle shirts and shorts. Pull out a sweatshirt and some fuzzy socks.



Elly said...

My husband and I were just talking about that yesterdy. Why does it feel like it's freezing in the winter when your thermostat is set at 65, when in the summer you were baking at 73 because it's too expensive to turn it down lower?

I think we just can never be happy. :P

Jana DeLeon said...

I have on fuzzy pajamas. I'm happy. lol

Kelly Parra said...

I don't know about TX, but in CA its been freaking freezing in the mornings. The little snowflake on the car themometer even comes on. Brrrr. ;D

Jana DeLeon said...

Kelly, we finally got cold this week. Down in the 20's and in the teens with the wind chill. Everyone here thinks we're going to die. lol

We're probably as well-equipped for cold in Tx as you are in CA.

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