Tuesday, November 29, 2005

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!

Throw away the scales - Weight has returned!!!!!

It disguised itself very cleverly as Thanksgiving dinner. I know what you're thinking, and you're partially right - I ate the fried turkey, chicken dressing, sweet potatoes, baked beans, lima beans, rolls, fruit salad and cajun rice - that's all accurate.

BUT - we went to exercise after lunch. ME - exercising! My parents have a lovely park near their house with a trail around a pond and through the woods. And that's where Weight got sneaky. Here I was thinking I'd worked off part of lunch on lap one and was gearing up for lap two when Weight caused me to step halfway on-halfway off the path and my ankle snapped. Oh what a glorious sprain. Easily the size of a tennis ball sticking about an inch off of my ankle. So I soothed my wounded spirit (an ankle) with four layer pie.

See how sneaky????? Not only did Weight prevent me from working off lunch - it enticed me to four layer pie knowing good and well it will be weeks before I'll be able to exercise again.

Obviously, declaring Weight legally dead did not work. Evil has a way of returning.

Next tactic - exorcism - anyone know a good priest?


Kelly Parra said...

Ouch, Jana!! That has to hurt!!

Sorry about the sprain. Maybe it was a sign to kick the dreaded excersizing to the curb. Ugh, I'm not fond of running either. ;D

And there's just no way to ignore a good pie. No way, I tell ya. LOL!

Rest that ankle!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks Kelly - and don't worry, resting is what I do best.

Well, that and eat pie.....LOL

Elly said...

That's no good at all! I hate it when the universe doesn't support trying to do something that you're supposed to. It's like a big trick!

Feel better soon!

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