Friday, December 30, 2005

The Book Year in Review - Take 3

Sorry for the delay in book reviews - and now I'm about out of year! A darned pinched nerve in my neck has conspired to keep me keyboardless and frustrated. I'm still in pain but have good drugs and am making passes on the keyboard in shifts.

Sooooooooo Review 3 - Nora Robert's Blue Dalhia Trilogy

Not since the The Sisters Trilogy have I enjoyed a set of Nora books more! The books cover the story of three women, each in different generations, all brought together at the same place to live and work. It covers different stages of women's lives and the bonds between them and their children in such a wonderful way. I haven't had this much feel-good since Steel Magnolias. Throw in an angry ghost in a haunted mansion and you've got a recipe for greatness!

An absolute must for Nora fans and for those who just like a good ole romance with an enormous amount of female and family strength and wisdom - try it out.

Also, I'd like to mention here that I read Northern Lights this year too and thought it was fantastic. Don't let the page count scare you away.......I still closed the book at the end wishing I had more.

Then I sat for a long time in my recliner wishing I had one-tenth of her talent. What a fabulous story-teller!


Kelly Parra said...

Jana, I love Nora Roberts. Loved this recent trilogy too. I enjoyed Northern Lights, although it was so long sometimes it went slow for me, but her characterization and suspense is always wonderful.

Since I got a gift card for Christmas I got to splurge on her latest hardcover, Blue Smoke, and I'm enjoying it as well.

Sorry about the neck--hope you're better soon!

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Kelly, and almost Happy New Year!

I'm glad to hear Blue Smoke is good. I got a book gift card also and was looking hard at that for purchase. Guess I'll go ahead and make it happen.

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