Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday in Dallas

Well, it's official - I am off the road!!!!!!

In case any of you don't watch the news (like me), my last trip was supposed to be to San Diego, but they're having a bit of a problem with fire. So the training was cancelled and I took over my boss's class here in Dallas. Next week is my last week altogether, then I embark on the third career of my life. It seems sort of weird but I guess it just means I've got options, right?

Next Tuesday UNLUCKY releases and I am so far behind, I don't even know what to do next. I need to order bookmarks and bookplates and I need to make more booklets and send them to bookstores. I need to do a newsletter - I haven't since last year (see, I told you I was too busy to spam you), but I might need to send one now to remind everyone of UNLUCKY. I need to come up with a grand prize for drawings and other prizes and we're having a party at my house for book launch in November but I haven't made a guest list, selected food, shampooed the carpets or arranged to board the dogs.

Calgon - take me away!

Anyone old enough, will get that reference.

On the good side, I am making strides in getting things done. Actually living in your own house seems to make a difference. I haven't had to go buy underwear in a month or so. :) Of course, I still have two completely packed suitcases in my bedroom - one of these days I'll get those clothes out and to the dry-cleaner, but I don't want to rush things.

AND, I was just thinking today that the holidays will be on us in a flash! I don't know about you, but I love Christmas. I like when the cities decorate and put out all the lights and this year, by God, I'm putting a wreath on the grill of my SUV. What about you? What's your favorite holiday and do you decorate it up?


Wendy Roberts said...

I like Christmas except for the work. When you're a mom and you host the famdamily thing every year, it's a LOT of work. I also like Halloween. Right now my front door is covered in crime scene tape, skeletons and bloodsoaked cheesecloth. You can't get much better than that for a mystery writer!

Tori Lennox said...

Congrats on finally being off the road! :)

I love Christmas, too, but I am so not ready for it. And I wish we could hold off on the commercials and such until at least after Halloween. *rolling eyes*

Anonymous said...

Any holiday that I can decorate for is my favorite. :) Sound like anyone that you know?

Jaye Wells said...


I was just thinking last night that we're entering my favorite time of year. The two months between Halloween and the end of the year are my absolute favorite. This year we don't have to make the 24 hour drive to visit the in-laws, which makes it all the better.

Jana DeLeon said...

Wendy - I get out of having to do the big holiday plannings - no one wants me to cook. :)

tori - i know, it gets earlier every year, right?

Hi Mom! You're definitely the decorating queen!

Jaye - yah! on no driving. That's yucky! And now that it's getting cooler, it's so much nicer here in Texas. Just in time for me to come off the road!

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