Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Phone and a Movie Review

Since I'm changing jobs at the end of the month, I had to get a new cell phone. The old one was with the company plan and since I'll no longer be traveling the country (yea!) the company won't pay for the phone any longer. Oh well, so sad. So my husband and I took a trip to the mall on Sunday where I got my brand new magenta razr. It is too cute and once I figure out how to use it (which I figure will be around 2009), I'll be in good shape.

In an aside, for those of you who know how I have absolutely no luck with traveling, I want you to know that my last trip is scheduled to leave tomorrow - for San Diego. If you watch the news, you're probably laughing your butt off about now. If you don't, then google San Diego and forest fires and you'll get the picture.

Saw a movie on Sunday. We saw The Heartbreak Kid

I have to say, I think I've decided that I didn't really like this movie. I mean, I guess it was sorta funny if you like watching someone be tortured, but apparently I don't. Not to mention that there were a couple of plot issues that would never, EVER happen from a legal stand point. And since they were necessary to carry the flailing storyline, it seemed like really weak writing to me.

Ben Stiller's character was flawed and not in a good redeemable way. I just simply didn't like him pretty much from the beginning and couldn't stand him at the end. The "wife" was a train wreck and I never understood why he jumped in that before looking. Basically, the story just didn't ring true for me and the elements didn't hold together.

If you want to watch a funny actor do funny movies, try Steve Carell. He's hilarious and I can't wait for his next movie to come out.

My final rating: If you insist on watching it, please wait and rent it.


Tori Lennox said...

I thought The Heartbreak Kid looked pretty stupid. Glad I was right. *g*

Have a safe trip to San Diego!

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi tori - it was pretty stupid. And that whole San Diego thing is probably not going to happen. They've now evacuated 500k people.

Tori Lennox said...

Even better. You don't need to be out there right now. It's a very scary situation!

patrick said...

there were some funny parts in Heartbreak Kid, but their case for making Stiller's first wife into an annoying monster, etc. was totally un-convincing, which made him look all the more like a lame-o for leaving her

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