Monday, March 26, 2007

You Gotta Love Traveling

Sorry I skipped out on yall the end of last week. Got busy in Denver then United Airlines managed to send my blood pressure through the roof. Now, normally I don't fly United, I am an AA sort of gal, but United has a hub in Denver and you damned near can't get other flights in and out. So I was in on AA but out on United.

So I finished class early and thought I'd head to the airport and see if I could get on an earlier flight. So I go to the electronic checkin (I never check a bag for a two-day trip!) and it won't check me in. So I pick up the phone as instructed and the attendant tells me they need to ID me. Okay, I say, then send someone over. OH NOOOOOOOOOO, I've got to stand in line. Huh??????? YOU have the problem and want to ID me so I have to stand in line - something I never, EVER do when I'm flying AA??????? So a live attendent sends me to a line where I wait an hour before reaching the counter for the person there to tell me I'm in the wrong line.

I am now waaaaayyyyyy more than annoyed, but hey, you can't complain in an airport (God forbid) or no one will let you fly. It's like the Travel Mafia. So I stand in yet ANOTHER line for 30 minutes to find out that the entire mess is because they are looking for a terrorist with the same birthdate as mine - a middle-eastern MALE. Oh, I can see where the confusion might be. After all, middle-eastern males and blonde-haired, blue-eyed German women with D cups are confused for each other every day.

So of course, by the time I had to wait in all the lines, the seats on the earlier flight were all gone and I got to hang out in the airport for three more hours. To add insult to injury, there wasn't even an internet connection in United's cheap-ass terminall and no T-Mobile either. Have I mentioned that I hate United Airlines??????

Now, mind you, I don't have a problem with them looking for terrorists - by all means, please do. However, if one has the misfortune to be born on the same day as a terrorist, shouldn't an attendent come out and ID them? Why should customers have to wait through ridiculous lines over something they can't control. Not to mention that there's a HUGE problem with their tactic. Do you really think the terrorist would have waited in line??????????


Tori Lennox said...

Good Lord! I'd have probably had a heart attack. I'd sure complain in a letter to the head of United. What happened to the Friendly Skies? Does that not apply when you're in the airport?

I'm constantly amazed at the stupidity of some of the so-called "safety" measures. Is it too much to ask to use a modicum of common sense? Sheesh.

Jana DeLeon said...

Got me, Tori - I would have been less frustrated if security guards had rushed out as soon as I entered my flight confirmation # into the kiosk and thrown me onto the ground and frisked me. Now THAT'S how you catch a terrorist.

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