Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Movie Review

It's Horror week on Jana's blog and today's movie review is Dead Silence.
While this is certainly no big budget, stupendous horror movie, I liked it. It had decent creep factor - but then I've always thought dolls were sort of creepy anyway - much less if they start talking and walking about. I DO think they should have done more scenes with the dolls and that could have increased the creep factor significantly.
The plot was okay, no great masterpiece but not too stupid. I knew who the bad guy was from the moment they came on screen, but there was still a twist at the end that I didn't pick up on during the movie, so kudos to the writer/director for that one. Not a Sixth Sense kind of twist moment, but fairly interesting.

Altogether, if you are a horror movie fan (and not a picky one), you'll probably like this movie. God knows, I've seen a lot worse.

My final rating: Probably worth the matinee price - definitely worth a rental.


Anonymous said...

Yuk and double yuk. What do you like about horror? Why does it appeal to you? By the way, we miss your blog on the days you don't post it. You are entertaining. Back to the conventions, what are they like? What do you do all day? Did you meet your agent at one?

Jana DeLeon said...

I've always loved horror. Started reading Stephen King in middle school and watching horror (when I could sneak around mom to do it) even earlier. Can't tell you why I like it so much - might as well ask me why I like rock music or the color turquoise.

When you're a new writer, you spend most of conference in workshops learning craft. When you're published there aren't as many classes that you don't already know the information so you spend all of your time networking with agents, editors, publicists, magazine people, etc. and meeting with your out-of-town (and sometimes country) writing buds that you only see once a year.

I did not meet my agent until after I had signed with her.

Anonymous said...

Bought the book WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL by Donald Maass last week. Liked it so much that I went back today and bought the workbook to go with it. Found my original plot while hunting an income tax file.(?) I'm on a roll! Step up and place your bets: What are the odds that I will complete the exercises in the workbook, write a breakout novel, and see it published? Thanks again, Jana, for your advice. Helen

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