Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Okay, so yesterday I was officially back, but today I'm officially back in the saddle. Mind you, I'm still not 100% health wise, but as long as there's something blooming, I'm not going to be 100% health wise. So here's my list of ultra cool things that I am happy about today:

UNLUCKY went out to my agent last night!

Last night I actually slept lying down - in my bed!

Tonight is American Idol!

Not only do I know what my next book is already, I wrote 5 pages of proposal this morning!

I bought two new cute tote bags yesterday!

In April I'm schedule to do a training in Las Vegas - VEGAS, I tell you! (and they pay me to do this job - ha)

I am currently reading to do a cover quote for my fabulous friend, Wendy Roberts!

and finally

RUMBLE ON THE BAYOU finaled in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence Contest!

How 'bout you????? Anything fabulous going on in your life this week?


Kim Stagliano said...

Um, I got an agent today and my first publishing credit. Let's go out looking for wallets! It's a lucky day! Congrats to you - especially the sleeping part. Can't do much else when you're exhausted!


Jana DeLeon said...

OMG, kim!!!!!!!! Fanstastic news!!!! I'm going to head over to your blog - you did blog about it, right???? Congratulations - that is HUGE!

Tori Lennox said...

Congrats, Kim!!!

The only excitement here is recovering from the flu and feeling like eating real food again. *g*

Sassy Sistah said...

What? HELLO? Advance reading? Did I read that correctly? You could arrange that? I would absolutely LOVE that! If you could...if you would...well...keep me in mind anyway. ;-) But I'll understand if you can't or won't. I'll still buy the book either way and recommend it to all my friends, of course!

Glad you're feeling better and hope you continue to improve. Sleeping in a bed is good - that is very, very good! Thinking of you...

AND - congratulations to Kim! That's absolutely wonderful!

Cindy Taylor said...

Major congrats, Kim!

Jana, I had to come here and say I loved AI tonight. Especially the pronunciation tips from Diana Ross. ;););) If I'm ever famous, please make sure to give me a word power quiz every week. Please!

Cindy Taylor said...

Oh, I forgot to say major congrats to you for the final!!

Jana DeLeon said...

tori - real food is never to be discounted! I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit better. I HATE being sick.

sassy - I'll have to wait until after everything is finalized and pretty and all, but then I'll see what I can do. :)

Hi Cindy - yes, pronunciation is always a great topic, especially with the way people talk today. Maybe she could give fast food chains lessons???????

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