Monday, June 19, 2006

Busy Monday

It's a busy, busy Monday for me.

Only three days left at the old job before I head off to new pastures. And in those three days, I get to continue training my temporary replacement, do payroll and prep for a systems conversion. No pressure, right?

I've also just begun content loading for my new website. I plan to finish and launch sometime in the millenium. Seriously, website loading is long, drawn out work. It's not the typing - it's the figuring out what you want to type! I'll let everyone know when it's ready for viewing.

This afternoon I have to meet the computer guys to re-install my wireless router. It had to be replaced and I've been without my wireless connection for three weeks now. Aaargh!

I also got a new toy - a color laser printer! I plan to print out a million or so flyers and send them out to everyone in the known universe telling them to buy Rumble. Of course, I need about 700 for the RT "friends" mailing in about a week. Guess I better get to printing. But you know how it is - I got the printer last week but I didn't have any room for it in my office. Which meant I had to clear space. I decide to ditch the scanner, which I rarely use, and can be easily plugged into a USB if needed. So scanner can go onto shelf in closet - well, as soon as there is a space on the shelf in the closet. Which, of course, led to cleaning/rearranging the closet. And after an entire afternoon, the printer was finally installed and my closet is clean.

Hope you all have a great week!


Shah of Blah said...

Good start to the week indeed! back to working on the novel!!
....and agent shopping for the completed novella..

Well, does it get easier after an agent likes your work ?

Jana DeLeon said...

..does it get easier....

Well, that depends. It is a huge step when an agent offers to represent you. However, it still doesn't guarantee a sale. Most of the people I know did not sell the book the agent took them on for. The problem with the industry is you can write a publishable work, get good representation and then ultimately, the sale comes down to opinion. For instance, at Warner, the editor who read Rumble loved it and wanted to buy but was struck down in committee. Committee could include other editors, marketing, sales, etc. And they all have to love you or you don't get sold.

The frustrating thing after acquiring representation is knowing there is nothing else you can do but wait and hope you get lucky.

Now, after sale, I think things get harder - at least they did for me. Now you're under contract, trying to meet all the obligations of the to-be-published work, trying to come up with a proposal for your next work (which, incidentally, needs to be even better than the first) and trying to hold the rest of your life together - family, day job, etc.

So easier in that you know you're finally good enough to sale, harder in that you never know for sure you will sell again.

Bummer, huh?

Shah of Blah said...

Alas...the world is so much the crueler for the one trying to struggle..

I'll labour on, family, friends and the search for an identity..

Jana DeLeon said...

So very true, shah.

But then a wise person once said of writing "if it were easy, everyone would do it."

That's what makes success (any success) in this industry the ultimate achievement.

Keep struggling - it will only prepare you for what's ahead in the after sale realm. You'll need the strength, the leathery skin and an enormous sense of humor!!!

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