Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Movie Review

Today's movie review is for the new release I AM LEGEND. This movie starred Will Smith (who is one of my favorite actors) so I had high hopes for a good flick. Unfortunately, I came away somewhat disappointed.
The plot of this movie was not outstanding, and while Smith is a great actor, not even a great actor can hold up a movie with a weak plot. The plot was one that has been done - over and over. Some virus escapes and kills most everyone, but those it doesn't kill turn into some sort of monster type creatures. The creatures almost always have issues with sunlight so that the movie can do all the scary night scenes. Then there's the one character (Smith) is is immune to the virus and it's their mission to find the cure, save the world, etc. Not exactly breaking new ground here.
So the plot was weak. The ending sorta hacked me off, first for being anti-climatic and also just annoying. Smith's acting was great but not enough to keep me overly interested in a poorly written script.
My final thoughts: Rent it. Don't pay premium


Wendy Roberts said...

Darn! I had high hopes for this one.

Jana DeLeon said...

Me too, Wendy. It was a disappointment.

Jaye Wells said...

Well, these days it's a pain to get a sitter to go see a movie, it better be pretty good. This will definitely be a renter.

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Jaye - yeah, I wouldn't spring for tickets, sitter and popcorn on this one, that's for sure.

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