Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Morning Movie Review

For the record, I have tried and tried to format this post this morning but blogger apparently wants everything run together in one big messy lump (sigh) Thanks, blogger for making it so difficult to read this blog.
Movie seen - Enchanted.
The story of this movie goes that the princess is in her fantasy land and waiting for love's true kiss from her prince. The prince finds the princess but before they can marry and kiss, his evil step-mother throws the princess down a well and sends her to a place where "there are no happily ever afters." ie New York City

This movie could have been stupid, and it probably should have, but I have to tell you I LOVED IT! And not only did I love it, my husband loved it too! There were times we were both laughing out loud, and Amy Adams, the actress who plays the princess, was absolutely priceless in her portrayal of a Disney princess. She was perfect. If any of you grew up watching Disney movies, then you will definitely appreciate the authenticity the directors and actors achieved in this not-quite-Disney sort of production.

The plot was great and entertaining. The actors were superb and the story kept me laughing. Altogether, it was fantastically done and I highly recommend it.

Check out a movie trailer!

My final review: Might just be my favorite movie this year!


Leah said...

I keep hearing so many wonderful things about this movie that I think I'm going to have to go out and see it this weekend.

Tori Lennox said...

Thanks, blogger for making it so difficult to read this blog.

I have one word for you. Wordpress. :)

I've been hearing lots and lots of great things about Enchanted.

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Leah - I think you would love it. Especially being a romance editor. It's simply priceless the way they made Disney work in real life.

Hi Tori - yes, I know, but that would require work or getting someone else to work which still means I'd have to tell them what to do and anyway.....long explanation to say that I'm avoiding work I don't HAVE to do in lieu of trying to write books faster. :)

Wendy Roberts said...

I loved this movie too! Usually I groan at the thought of taking the kidlets to yet another Disney movie but this one was awesome.

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Wendy - Wasn't it great! Not that I didn't love Disney as a kid (and quite frankly, I've been known to watch some as an adult, too), but I was really surprised at how funny it was.

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