Thursday, March 23, 2006

Getting rid of books

Okay, so anyone who's read this blog lately knows I've been moving. It's sort of the twelve-step program for movers, but it's getting there. So this week I'm technically on vacation - which means I'm doing sheetrock repair, painting, caulking and cleaning in the old house to prep it for sale. I've also spent some time unpacking and this is where my question for you comes in -

How do you know which books to keep and which ones to get rid of?

Now, understand that I estimate my "library" at around 2500 books. Most I have read, some I haven't gotten to, some were conference gifts, etc. But I knew I had to thin down. I didn't want the new place cluttered like the old place and does one person truly NEED 2500 books? Okay, so most of you are writers and you're going to say "of course," but where do you draw the line?

It was tough, but I figure I cleared out 600-700 or so. I kept the backlist of authors I currently buy. I kept the series books that I liked and might read again. I kept any single title I will read again. I kept books that I hadn't read (and most I have no idea where I got them) and would probably like to read.

Do any of you have the library build-up problem? If so, what did you do about it?


Lady M said...

2 things:

Donate to libraries, coffee houses, hospitals, hotels and jails.

Garage sale.

Me - I keep everything - I'm a hoarder. (horder? sp?) anyhoo..

But when it's time, I run through them... Pick out:

Read agains
Good info
Too priceless

And then I toss the rest and get them out of sight before I start picking through them again. LMAO!

Good luck on the moving.

Lady M

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL on the picking through again. I think I'm past the trilogy and on to boring myself with the reruns.

Garage sale is first, then donation - but they are NOT coming back to the new house! (I will not bring books back to the new house....I will not bring books back to the new house....)

Kelly Parra said...

This is something I fight with too, Jana. My husband has actually been nagging me to go through my books! *laughs*

The thing is since I began reading so much, my tastes have changed. Some books I favored before are not my faves any longer.

I do donate them to my chapter. We sometimes trade or auction them if they are still nice. I have donated to used book stores and libraries. But I'm still putting it off!

And I had emailed to that email on your site comments at But I'll resend tonight. Nothing big, just a question.


Lady M said...

Keep that mantra going J - trust me, you'll need it. LOL!

Jana DeLeon said...

I'm working on my mantra, lady m!

Kelly - I found my taste changed a lot too. I got rid of plenty of old stuff - all horror except Stephen King, all fantasy except Tolkein and Terry Brooks. But it's still hard. It seems that it's not just the books but the memories of the times you WERE into that genre that you're getting rid of. Or maybe I'm just too much of an emotional girl. (grins)

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