Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I know it's taken me a while to get around to this - and me being from Louisiana and all that may seem a bit strange, but what does one really say about the total destruction of a metropolis? The people, the history, the culture rewritten and changed forever. Even as a writer, I lack the words to describe this tragedy.

Thank God, none of my family was in the surrounding areas, so it's not hit me directly, but word is still coming in from old co-workers and friends of my parents, who until just last year lived right across the Mississippi River from Downtown New Orleans. The friends are, thankfully, all right, but their lives are changed permanently.

And of course the questions set in - Why does this happen? Why wasn't there an emergency evacuation plan?

All good questions, but pointless now.

So we do what we can. We pick up the pieces and with everyone helping in whatever way they can afford, New Orleans will rise again. A changed city, perhaps, but we can also pray a safer one.

Here are links to two great places to give for anyone who hasn't found a slot yet.

The first is collecting for Habitat for Humanity and romance writing's sweetheart, Nora Roberts, has agreed to match (at a minimum) what her fellow writers donate. Let's meet her challenge to give head on. The link for donations is http://adwoff.com/adwoffcares.htm

In addition to the people who are struggling through Katrina, our four-legged friends have been left stranded also. If you would like to help and receive current updates on their condition and needs, try this link http://animalhelp.com

Thanks everyone for your help and your prayers! The results may not be immediate, but it all makes a difference.


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